Huge Benefits Of Turmeric As A Home Remedy

turmeric 1A native to India and various area of Southeast Asia most especially Indonesia, turmeric is fundamental to Asian cooking. A member of the rhizome family, apart from imparting a yellowish color and a specific flavor to food, this provides a very long background of use in India Ayurveda and Chinese treatments.

Botanically regard as Curcuma longa, come from the Arabic term for kurkum plant, considered as saffron, turmeric is usually confused and swapped with the same. Fully dissimilar to saffron, a member of ginger family, the root of the turmeric plant in its dried out form is used as seasoning. Gently scented using a pungent bittersweet taste, it was known as “Indian saffron” as its contributes the profound yellow orange shade of the saffron. Turmeric is used as a seasoning, cloth and food color.

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