Simple Yet Effective Remedies For Eliminating Lice

get rid of lice 6Right before I start with the most effective home remedies to get rid of lice, let’s examine certain simple facts that you have to understand about lice and nits.

1. Lice are definitely bloodsucking insects that inhabit the hair follicles and head of people. They need to get blood to live on.

2. Lice are transferred quite easily from one person to another by direct contact.

3. No matter personalized care, any individual can easily get lice.

4. Nits are certainly lice eggs, normally yellowish to white in color, and affix to the hair shaft. They hatch out in just 7 days, so swift treatment method is important.

5. Developed lice are around the shape of a sesame seed, possess six legs, and are certainly grayish-white.

6. Lice do not hop, they crawl.

7. They will definitely not stay a lot longer than 2 days in the event that they go off of your body.

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